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Ever since I got hooked with online shopping, it is hard to stay away from my phone and my computer.

Checking the new arrivals of my favorite online stores has been my outlet to de-stress.

Gone are the days that I need to go out of the house and go shopping or window-shopping literally.

Now, I can enjoy doing both conveniently anytime and anywhere.

Also, these online stores I’ve been frequenting has a lot to offer not only of the fashion trend but they have a lot to offer on how you can save tons.

ROSEGAL 5th Anniversary

has started its amazing offers to their customers where you can claim a coupon from July 09-15 and I can’t contain the excitement because I just got a huge discount coupon. (Coupon:)


And let me share with you now that on July 16-18, I can use that huge discount coupon I have claimed for some serious shopping at Rosegal. (Coupon:)

That party countdown to claim your coupons will last until July 15 only, so if you haven’t claimed yours yet, do it now!


Here are the details on claiming your big anniversary coupons and

do not forget to use the coupons on July 16-18:

1.) Use your RG POINTS to claim BIG anniversary coupons, 20 points each time.

2.) You can only claim one coupon per day.

3.) Coupon valid from July 16 to 18, 2018 EST.

4.) You can check the coupon in your account.

Back Twist Cut Out Stripe Dress – Denim Blue

Flare Sleeve Flounce Pineapple Print Shift Dress

These two dresses will hit the checkout on July 16. Yes, I am going to use the huge discount coupon I claimed from the party countdown.

The denim blue cutout dress left me in awe. I really love its cutout back design.

What a twist indeed. As well as this pineapple print shift dress. The asymmetrical cut of the dress added glam aside from the famous pineapple print.

The flared sleeves are gorgeous. What do you think?

I’m a certified online shopper and I frequent Rosegal for shopping.


that runs from July 09-18 is so tempting I want to spend all my money on shopping. Hahaha! Of course, I want to get rewarded and who wouldn’t want to take home that $500 coupon. This anniversary sale is amazing! Below are the details to get you qualified to be on the list:


1.) From July 9-18 EST, they will pick 100 customers with the highest payment amount, and send them free BIG coupons within one month after the event.

2.) Coupon is valid for 6 months; view your coupons in your account.

3.) If you cancel the order or ask for a refund, your prize will be revoked and automatically rewards to the next customer.

4.) Rosegal remains the right of the final explanation. If you have any issues, please contact our support center.


*Total payment amount ranking Prize

*NO.1: $500 COUPONS

*NO.2 – NO.10: $100 COUPONS

*NO.11 – NO.100: $30 COUPONS




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  1. che belli questi abiti sopratutto quello a fiori è il mio preferito

  2. non conosco il sito ma questi capi mi piacciono molto vado subito a dare un occhiata

  3. adoro questi post vedo modelli nuovi di abiti a cui far riferimento per il mio shoppin

  4. grazie per queste preziose info quasi quasi acquisto anche io qualcosa, si va a vedere nel loro sito.

  5. Da te scopro sempre ottimi siti dove far shopping online sicuro, veloce e anche divertente

  6. meraviglioso tutto, grazie per la segnalazione, si va volando in questo store dove penso di spendere dei bei soldini.

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